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How can I pay?


We accept cash, check or certified money order.


Are there more stamped patterns to choose from for my wall other than what is shown in your pictures?


Yes there are many patterns to choose from. Contact us and we will let you know where you can preview formliner patterns to find one that is perfect for your project.


Can you pour concrete even when the weather is cold?


Yes we can. Some special precautions need to be taken to ensure the concrete sets up properly. This is something we have experience with and will work to keep your project on schedule.


Does concrete come in other colors besides the standard gray? 


Yes there are a variety of colors. The availability of colors depends on what the local supplier may have in stock. Generally a color chart from the local supplier can be viewed to help make the decision easier.


Is a warranty provided for your work?

We provide a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This will be in accordance to plans given at the time of the project. We do not warranty against shrinkage cracks. These small cracks will not affect the soundness of the concrete or structure. We do not warranty against stains, nicks or chips from other trades working around finished product. A written warranty will be given to you upon completion of our work if desired.


Can I change my plans for a project if it is already started?

Anything can be changed before concrete is poured! Once concrete has been poured, we need to review what you may want to be changed. It is not an easy process to remove concrete once it is set and will be an extra charge. Any other changes can be reviewed to choose the best, cost effective way to proceed for you.


Do you have references for your work?

References available upon request.


Can I buy a gift certificate? 

We will make special gift certificates with paid amount clearly shown for that special gift.

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